Protests Increase at La Playa Hotel

The frequency of labor protests increased in September at La Playa Hotel. Rallies, marches, and leafleting brought hundreds of demonstrators. An October 11 Monterey Bay Central Labor Council e-newsletter reports:

“The potential new buyer is Classic Hotels & Resorts, a subsidiary of Phoenix-based Grossman Properties. Neither the current owner, the Cope family’s Nob Hill Properties, nor the new potential buyer have made commitments to keep the current workforce if the hotel changes hands. We are fighting for job protection at La Playa Hotel.”

The newsletter adds:

“La Playa Hotel workers just received a new layoff notice, warning that they could lose their jobs as early as Novem-ber 1st through the 14th. It doesn’t have to be this way. The workers’ jobs could be protected, just as they are at seven other Monterey Bay union hotels and the Cope family’s own San Francisco Huntington Hotel. La Playa Hotel workers deserve the same respect.”

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